I am a producer and DJ who is tired of the boring, everyday life that many people live and enjoy.
After a period of mental illness that even went so far that I tried to end my own life, I decided to break away and invest in myself for real.

For a few years now I have invested fully in music and a couple of other projects that have been close to my heart. But now it’s time for another episode.

I did what I wanted every day but still I had the feeling that something was missing. A sense of security and inner peace that I have missed all my life. So that’s why I started the journey towards inner peace. I felt like I was successful but not happy. And that’s why I started to read about things that drew me towards Buddhist monks and their philosophy. And then the idea of ​​being ”The Monk” was born.

So why do I call myself RaveMonk? I described how the second part of the word was born. So if you, like me, suffer from ADHD (yes it is documented and not just self-ascertained) and have jumped down here in the text, you will beautifully go back a few words.
But Rave then? Isn’t that quite contradictory? Maybe so. But does everything have to be so logical and follow a given template? Can’t I live like a monk and think about the rules of inner peace most of the time but still like to party a whole night to electronic music now and then? If you think it doesn’t work, you probably won’t like this site. Because that’s exactly who I am. I want to live a structured ”monk life” much of my time. But sometimes I just want to go back to what life I have lived during a big part of my adult life. Where you party to the sun goes up, listen to electronic music all night or sit in the studio and test different synths at 5 in the morning. I am not ready to give up all the inner peace in the world!

Finally, yes I choose to remain anonymous. I’ll take selfies sometimes. But I will either use my fine white mask to hide my face or edit my self-designed fine emoji that I use as a profile picture to hide my face.
Of course, it is quite impossible that someone close to me will recognize who I am, recognize any of the music I will publish, etc. But I would really like to ask the one or those who figure out who I am to help me keep the secret. Why? There are many private reasons for this. And would anyone now have understood who I am and want an answer to the question why, write a private message to me and I will give a more detailed answer. Thanks in advance!

// RaveMonk