I am a producer and DJ who is tired of the boring, everyday life that many people live and enjoy.
After a period of mental illness that even went so far that I tried to end my own life, I decided to break away and invest in myself for real.

Music is the only thing that can make me hyper focus. Music is the only reason I get up some days. The music has saved me from a feeling of deep depression. That’s why I invest everything I have to produce as much and good music as possible. And hope there are people who want to follow that journey.

The journey as RaveMonk began as a blog project with elements of music. But developed into the fact that I put down my previous individual music projects and invested in releasing music as RaveMonk only. Perhaps the best decision I have made!

The blog is on its way back in a new format. But the music will continue to be released continuously. Because I think that music is, as you may have understood, the most fun thing in the world!

// RaveMonk